Choosing a Template

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Our website templates serve as guides to help you structure your ideas and turn them into an accessible, engaging site. Each template is built by designers at Wix and includes everything you need to get started - like sample content, color themes, galleries, inner pages and built-in business features.
To help you choose the template that best suits your business' needs, we have organized our templates into categories and subcategories based on business intent. You also have the option to start completely from scratch using one of our blank templates.
Remember - all of our templates are fully customizable, so you can edit any template as much as you want. Add, rearrange and remove content / apps until your site looks and works the way you imagined.
A screenshot of various templates available from Wix.
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Template categories and choosing your template

Our templates are organized into categories for easy browsing: Business & Services, Store, Creative, Community and Blog. Inside each of these categories are subcategories, to help you easily sort what is relevant to you and your business. Start by selecting a subcategory that best describes your business and is closest to the website you want to create.
If you already have something specific in mind or don’t see a category that matches your needs, you can always type what you’re looking for into the "Search all templates" search bar at the top.

To choose a template:

  1. Go to the Templates Page.
  2. Click the drop-down of the category your business best fits: Business & Services, Store, Creative, Community or Blog.
  3. Select the relevant sub-category.
    Tip: Drill down further into your chosen sub-category using the navigation menu shown below:
A screenshot of the navigation menu available when inside a sub-category.
  1. Hover over the template you like best and click Edit. This will open the Wix Editor, where you can begin building your site.
A screenshot of Templates page with Edit button highlighted.

Blank templates

Blank templates give you the utmost freedom to build your site exactly how you want. You can choose from an entirely blank template and start from scratch, or select one of the blank templates with a guiding layout already in place.

To create a site from a blank template:

  1. Go to Blank Templates.
  2. Hover over the template layout you want to use and click Edit.
    Tip: Click Preview to see how a template looks when live.
A screenshot highlighting the Blank Templates option.
Take a look at some website examples built by real Wix users. Get website design inspiration for the best ways to build your own site just the way you want. These sites are not available as templates.


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What's next?
Now that you've chosen a template, it's time to get started with the Wix Editor and make your site your own.

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