Online Programs: Adding a Questionnaire After a Completed Step

2 min read
Collect valuable feedback from your participants and further engage them in the program by adding a custom questionnaire at the end of a step. This questionnaire is completely customizable so you can get answers tailored for you. Create a quick multiple choice quiz, ask for feedback on the step, or just check in to see how the participants are doing.

To add a questionnaire after a completed step:

  1. Go to Online Programs in your site dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant program.
  3. Scroll down to Content and click the step you want to edit.
    Note: If you are running a self-paced program, click the section first that includes the step.
  4. Choose whether you want to add the questionnaire to a new step or an existing step:
    • For new steps
      • Click +Add Step at the bottom of the section.
    • For an existing step
      1. Hover over the step you want to edit.
      2. Click Edit.
  5. Switch on the toggle next to Questionnaire under Step Settings.

  6. Click + Add Question to create a custom question.
  7. Type your new question in the text field under Question.
  8. Click the Require participants to answer in order to complete this step toggle to enable or disable it.
  9. Choose an answer type for your question:
    Note: The information fields change depending on the answer type you choose. Learn more about answer types.
    • Text: The participant types an answer in a text box.
    • Multiple Choice: The participant chooses one answer from multiple options.
    • Media: The participant can attach up to 10 photos in response to a question.
    • Number: The participant types a number in the number field provided.
  10. Click Save at the bottom right. 
  11. (Optional) Repeat steps 6-7 for each question you want to include in the questionnaire.
  12. Click Save.
If you aren't sure what steps have questionnaires attached to them, click on a step under Schedule. If there is a feedback form, the step says Feedback Required. If there's no form the step says No Feedback Form.

What's next?
  • Manage your questionnaire and customize the answer types. Learn more
  • View participant answers to your questionnaire. Learn more