Wix Blocks: Installing a Blocks App on a Site

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Wix Blocks is open to all Wix Studio users. To get access to Blocks, join Wix Studio.
When you create a Blocks application, you can reuse it and install it on as many sites as you wish. Note that this article explains how to install a Custom App - a Blocks app that you created or have permissions to. Alternatively, you can publish your app to the App Market so other Wix users can use it. 
Installation settings
Note that the way your widget is installed on a site (for example, on a new page or on the existing page), the widgets that are installed and the default presets, is set in the Installation Settings in Blocks. 
Applications that were built on the old version of Wix Blocks (also known as App Builder) cannot be installed on Editor X or Wix Studio.

Install a Custom App

  1. Click the App Market app market icon icon in your Editor.
  2. Click Custom Apps.
  3. Click Available Apps and select the app you want to install. 
Code only applications
If your application only has code files and no widgets, please turn on Dev Mode to be able to install it. 
  1. You can go over your app's README to make sure it's the right app. 
  2. Click Install App
  3. Wait for the success message. 
You'll get the most updated version release. 

Manage your app's version

After you install your app, you can select a different version of your app, move to "testing" mode and allow automatic updates of minor versions. Hover over the More Actions icon  next to your app's name and click on the relevant action.
manage app version options

Select a version

Click See all versions and select the version you would like to install. 

Test your app

Click Move to test version or click See all versions and then Test Version.
When you install a test version of an app, your site will always get the latest changes in that app, including major updates. Learn more about creating and managing a test version in Blocks.

Add widgets to a page

Blocks apps are made of widgets and code files and folders. If your app has widgets, you can add them to your page. 
Wix Studio
Editor X
  1. Click Add Elements  on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click App Widgets.
  3. Select your widget and drag it onto the page. You may have the option to choose between several design presets.

Note: If you can't see App Widgets in the Editor, make sure you have installed your app. Once it is installed it appears in the Add Elements panel.
Installation settings
Blocks app creators can set different installation settings for their apps and widgets. For example,  they can choose that some widgets won't be shown in the Add  panel, and set the default installation presets. 

Access Your Code Files

If your app includes public or backend code files, you can now import functions from these files. 

To import public functions, use this syntax: 
1import { <functionName> } from '@<myAccountName>/<my-app-name>';
To import backend functions, use this syntax:
1import { <functionName> } from '@<myAccountName>/<my-app-name>-backend';
Learn more about using your code files on a site.

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