Error Messages When Verifying Your Site with Pinterest

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When trying to verify your site with Pinterest you may receive the following errors on the Pinterest "Confirm Website" dashboard:
  • "Oops! API Method not found"
  • "Oops! Looks like we had trouble connecting to your website. Please try again later."
This is not a problem with your Wix site, it is a problem with Pinterest. We also see non-Wix users affected by this issue.
You can be sure that when you add the verification meta tag to your site, it is added to the code and visible to Pinterest. 

If you are receiving a Pinterest verification error:

  1. Try again a few times.
  2. If it still does not work, try to verify through this link:
  3. If it still does not work, contact Pinterest directly. If Pinterest says that it is a Wix problem, ask them for more information. We would like to know what the problem is so that we can investigate and fix it. Please contact us here with the information so that we can help you.
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