Email Marketing: Dashboard Overview

Your Wix Email Marketing dashboard is your go to place for managing your email and social campaigns. From here you can create new email campaigns, view your existing ones and more. 
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Dashboard widgets

Your Wix Email Marketing dashboard is made up of different widgets which help you manage your email campaigns:
The widgets may differ depending on how long you've been using Wix Email Marketing.
  • Getting Started: The Getting Started widget offers tips on using Wix Email Marketing, building your mailing list and more. Hover over a tip and click the action button (e.g., Read More, Start Now) to view the full article.
  • Latest Draft: The Latest Draft widget shows your most recently saved draft email campaign (that hasn't been published). Click Edit if you want to publish and send this email campaign.
  • Last Published: The Last Published widget shows your most recently published email campaign. You can view some basic statistics in the widget, or click the Full Stats icon to view more detailed statistics. You can also edit and resend the campaign by clicking Reuse.
  • Campaign Performance: The campaign Performance widget let's you compare the performance of your email campaigns. The widget appears once you've sent at least three email campaigns to a minimum of 10 contacts.
  • Balance: The Balance widget tells you how many more email campaigns you can send this month. The number of email campaigns you can send per month is dependent on your Premium plan
  • Subscribers: The Subscribers widget helps you keep track of your subscribers. You can see your total number of subscribers and the graph shows you how many new subscribers were added during the current week.

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