Editor X: Your Site's URL

2 min read
Your site's URL is an important part of your unique, branded, online identity. When creating a free site on Editor X, its URL follows the default format: accountname.editorx.io/sitename. To change this to your own link, purchase a domain from Editor X or connect one you already own.
Where can I see my URL?
You can find your site's URL at the top of your site's dashboard's.

A screenshot of the dashboard's homepage, where you can see your site's URL

Changing your free URL

The URL of a free Editor X site is based on your account name and the name you've given your site. When changing either of those names, the URL changes automatically to match the new settings. 
A screenshot of the Settings page in the dashboard, showing the Site address section where you can change your URL

Purchasing or connecting your own domain

When upgrading your Editor X site, you can purchase a domain (e.g. mystunningwebsite.com) to establish your online identity. If you already own a domain, upgrading allows you to connect it to your site
A screenshot from the checkout process when purchasing a domain from Editor X