Editor X: Hiring an Editor X Specialist to Design and Build Your Site

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Editor X is transitioning to Wix Studio, our new platform for agencies and freelancers.Learn more about Wix Studio
Hire an Editor X specialist to design and build your site. Editor X specialists are certified Wix Partners in the Wix Marketplace that are experts in both design and Editor X. They can help you design and build an Editor X site from scratch, redesign your existing site, optimize your site's breakpoints, or build an Editor X site based on a design you provide. 

Submit a project request to let us know what kind of design work you need. We'll review your request and then match you with an Editor X specialist that fits your needs. 
It's up to you and the Wix Partner you hire to determine the costs and terms of your agreement. Wix does not get involved in disputes between Partners and clients. View the Wix Marketplace Terms of Service.

To have an Editor X specialist design and build your site:

  1. Click here to start your request. 
  2. Select the service you need help with:
  1. Click Next at the bottom right. 
  2. (If asked "Which website do you need help with?") Select the relevant site and click Next
  3. Enter your contact details and click Submit

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