Create Thumbnail Images for Your Presets

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When site creators browse through the design presets of your widget in their Add or Design panels, they see a thumbnail image of the widget. You can use the auto-generated image, or create your own.  When creating your own image, please consider the following guidelines.

Content guidelines

  • The image should be a visual representation of the preset. It's not a banner or an ad. 
  • If your widget has dynamic content, use dummy content to prepare your image. However, don't use Lorem Ipsum. 

Technical guidelines

  • Compression: do not compress, use best quality
  • File type: JPG or PNG
  • File size limit: 25 MB
  • Image size minimum: 304X188 px

See how it looks

You must go to the Wix Editor and Wix Studio to see how your images appear in the actual panels. Here are some examples: 

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