Connecting Your GoDaddy Email

Connect existing email addresses purchased from GoDaddy. If you connected your domain via name servers, add the necessary DNS records in your Wix account. 
Before you begin:
Make sure you've connected your domain to the Wix name servers. If you're connected via pointing, contact GoDaddy to connect your email. Learn more about connection methods.
  • Connecting your GoDaddy email to your Wix account can take up to 48 hours to complete. 
  • These instructions are for connecting GoDaddy Workspace email accounts. If your email account is Office 365 by GoDaddy, follow these instructions to add Office 365 DNS records to connect your email. 

To connect your GoDaddy email:

  1. Check if you have an Office 365 or a Workspace email as part of your GoDaddy account. 
If your email provider is Office 365, learn how to connect your Office 365 email
2.  Go to your Domains page.
3.  Click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant domain.
4.  Select Edit MX Records.
5.  Click the drop-down menu and select GoDaddy.
     Note: Choose the correct option for your location e.g., GoDaddy (Europe) or GoDaddy (Asia).
6.  Click Save
7.  Complete the setup process in your GoDaddy account.

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