CMS (Formerly Content Manager): Restoring a Deleted Field in a Collection

1 min read
The CMS (Content Management System) allows you restore deleted fields and their items by simply recreating the deleted fields. Create the same type of field with the same name as the deleted field to restore both the field, and all its items. 

Alternatively, you can restore a backup to revert an entire collection to a previous version.
Restoring your site from site history reverts your site to a previous version but does not affect CMS collections. Wix Apps, including the CMS, store their data in the apps themselves instead of in your site history. 

To restore a deleted field in a collection:

  1. Go to CMS in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant collection.
  3. Click Manage Fields
  4. Click + Add Field
  5. Enter the same Field type, Field name, and Field key as the field that was deleted. 
  6. Click Save