Changing the Payment Method of an Existing Wix Premium Plan to SEPA

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It is not currently possible to change the payment method for an existing Premium plan to SEPA. You can, however, purchase a new plan using SEPA and transfer it to your current site.

To purchase a new plan using SEPA:

  1. Cancel your site's Premium plan auto-renewal
  2. Create a new placeholder site in your account.  
  3. Purchase a plan for the placeholder site using SEPA as your payment method. 
  4. Wait up to 7 business days for the SEPA payment to complete and the Premium plan to activate.
  5. Move the new Premium plan from your placeholder to your current site. 
  • Purchases made with SEPA aren’t covered by our 14 day money back guarantee. You can contact your bank directly if you need to cancel the payment.
  • We suggest that you cancel your current plan and wait until your current contract has nearly run out before purchasing a new plan.

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