ADI: Adding and Setting Up the HTML Embed Element

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Add external content onto a section of your site using the HTML Embed Element. By adding code or a website address into an HTML element, you can display elements from other sources directly on your site (E.g., Spotify, RSS feed, Paypal button, etc.).  
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To add the HTML Embed Element:

  1. Click Add on the top bar inside ADI.
  2. Click Section to Page.
  3. Click HTML Embed.
  4. Choose a section design to display your embedded element. 
  1. Fill in the following in the panel on the left:
    • Title: Add the title of your embedded content. 
    • Subtitle: Add a tagline. 
    • Paragraph: Add a paragraph describing your embedded content.
    • HTML: Click Settings to customize your embedded content. 
    • Embed Type: Choose a type of embed to integrate (HTML, JS, and CSS in HTML syntax or websites via URL).
      Note: Adding an HTTP Website Address in the field will automatically remove the prefix, leaving the preset HTTPS prefix. This ensures your link generates without any issues. 
    • Paste Your Code: Paste the code of the element/website you want to display.
    • Width: Drag the slider to change the width of the iframe.
    • Height: Drag the slider to change the height of the iframe.
  2. (Optional) Click Section Design to choose a new design or customize the color, text settings and height.
  • Embedded content that is not HTTPS may be blocked by your web browser.
  • See our guidelines and limitations of embedding code in Wix. 

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