ADI: Adding and Setting Up an Instagram Feed

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Connect your Instagram account to your site, and showcase your photos and videos. Increase your site traffic and share important moments with your site visitors in real-time.

Step 1 | Add an Instagram feed

First, add the Instagram Feed app to your site.

To add the app:

  1. Click Add on the top bar inside ADI.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Hover over Instagram Feed and click Add
  4. Click the Select Page drop-down and select the page you want to display your feed on.
  5. Click Add to Page.
  6. Click Got It.

Step 2 | Set up your feed

Next, set up your feed using the options available and edit the design to suit your needs.

To set up your feed:

  1. Click the Instagram feed inside the ADI Builder.
  2. Click Connect Instagram on the left. 
  3. Click Allow in the Instagram pop-up.
  4. Set up your feed using the available options:
    • Full Width: Enable the toggle to make your feed fill the full width of your site.
    • Show More Button: Click the toggle to show or hide a Show More button:
      • Enabled: Site visitors can see more feed photos by clicking this button.
      • Disabled: Site visitors only see the number of photos visible in the chosen design.
    • Pop-up Mode: Click the drop-down to choose a mode that your images are displayed in: Light or Dark.
  1. (Optional) Click Design next to Settings and choose a new design to display your feed.
Want to switch accounts? Sign out of Instagram in a different tab and go back to your ADI Editor to connect a different Instagram account. 

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