ADI: Accessing Your Form's Submissions Table

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Every time a visitor submits a form on your site, their response is recorded in a submissions table. This makes it easy to see all the form responses in one view, and helps you keep track of your visitors and their requests. 
You can edit and filter your submissions, and also import or export data to or from your form.
Below is an example of a submissions table:

Accessing Your Form Submissions Table from the ADI Builder

View your submissions table directly from inside the ADI builder.

To view your submissions from the ADI builder:

  1. Click the section that contains your form in the ADI builder.
  2. Click Edit next to Form.
  1. Click Form Settings
  2. Click View Table under Submissions Table.

Accessing Your Form Submissions Table from the Dashboard

Easily access your form submissions table from the dashboard of your site.

To view form submissions from your site's dashboard:

  1. Go to your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Customer Management.
  3. Click Form Submissions
  4. Click View Table on the relevant form.
To view your submissions, you must first publish your site.

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