About Branded App by Wix

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Learn more about Branded App by Wix and how it works. 

What is Branded App by Wix?

Branded App by Wix allows you to create a fully branded mobile app to showcase your professionalism and set your business apart. You get full creative control over your app including its design, functionality, and communication with your members. Once your app is complete it will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms in Apple's App Store and Google Play.
Start by designing the app from the Branded App dashboard in your Wix account. Customize the name and icon, launch screen, and branding to match your business. Then customize all the content from the Wix Owner app. Finally get your app live in the app stores following our step-by-step instructions.
Ready to get started?
Go to the Branded App dashboard in your Wix account to start building your app.

Benefits of creating a branded app

Some of the benefits of creating your own branded app for your business include:
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Better engage with your community
  • Get complete ownership of your brand
  • Offer a professional mobile experience for your customers
  • Sync your app with Wix's business and marketing tools


Here are some frequently asked questions about Branded App by Wix:

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